Garrett Williamson Farm

Garrett Williamson Farm - 16" x 22" acrylic on canvas (Click for a larger view.)
The Garrett Williamson Farm located on Bishop Hollow Road in Newtown Square is home to the Garrett Williiamson Foundation that provides educational and recreational programs for children in an inclusive environment, and operates the Garrett Way Learning Center serving infants 6 weeks of age through Kindergarten and Camp Garrett serving youths 5 through 15.

The barn is on the way home from my office, and I captured the image and painted it after the first light dusting of snow in December, 2016. The painting is available framed for $950 (plus shipping) and in a limited edition of prints -  (50) signed, titled and numbered by the artist in a slightly smaller size for $75 (plus tax and shipping).  
50% of each sale will be donated in the buyer's name to the Dorothy James Scholarship Fund of the Media Fellowship House. ONLY ONE PAINTING IS AVAILABLE OF THIS SITE. FIRST BUYER GETS IT!

White on White

White on White

White on White - acrylic on canvas - 12" x 16" (Click for a larger view)
A bit further down the Bishop Hollow Road from the Garrett Williamson Farm sits this small white farmhouse. At the time it was simply decorated for the holidays. The light coating of snow, the grey sky, and the white fence and details put a chill in the air.

It is my first painting completed in 2017.

The painting is available framed for $950 (plus shipping) and in a limited edition of prints -  (50) signed, titled and numbered by the artist in a slightly smaller size for $75 (plus tax and shipping).  

50% of each sale will be donated in the buyer's name to the Dorothy James Scholarship Fund of the Media Fellowship House. ONLY ONE PAINTING IS AVAILABLE OF THIS SITE. FIRST BUYER GETS IT! 

White on White

Twilight at Eastern University

"There was not much snow in early winter 2007, but I captured this building which houses security as well as other university departments backed by a beautiful winter twilight. I added the snow after viewing the building after a mild snowstorm."

Collection of Eastern University's George Rothacker Gallery

Christmas on Grubbs Mill Road

"This beautiful farm sits at the intersection of Goshen Road and Grubbs Mill Road in Willistown Township. In a township of 'Gentlemen's Farms,' this a real working 'llama farm'. The house at the right is the residence."

Collection of Bruce and Nancy MacKensie

Chamonix and St. Davids

Almost a crossroads in Radnor, this intersection sits a block north of the rails. The houses on this side of the street face north, so their fronts are always in shade. The lawn chairs forecast spring amidst the winter's chill.

Collection of Susan Ahn & Kyle Emma

Beaumont at Dusk

Arthur Wheeler, the man responsible for the building of Beaumont, and his wife Calle, requested a series of paintings of this model retirement community. I visited them in late afternoon on a February day and saw this carriage house on the property. The scene was almost all in shadows, but in my painting, I chose to emphasize the sunlight touching on the trees at the upper left, and the reflection of the light in the stream at the bottom.

Collection of Leslie Wheeler

Cabrini Bank House

"This bank house is the only building at Cabrini College still owned by the nuns. I painted it after a large snowfall in January. My favorite part is the trees on the hill in the background."

Collection of the Nye family

Snowfall on Radnor Chester Road

I painted this after the large snowfall in January, 2005. The road was still snow covered, and the scene appears as the road may have looked 100 years ago. This view is only a short distance from Conestoga Road. I loved putting in the left over snow from the plows.

Collection of Mr. John McPherson, London

Conestoga & Radnor Chester Roads

Conestoga Road intersects with Radnor Chester at this historic corner. Prior to the construction of the Blue Route (I-476), the corner was one of the busiest in Radnor as it was the access to all points north

We who live on Radnor Chester Road have been led to believe that the widening of our road has fortunately been made impossible because of the significance of the buildings at this corner and their proximity to the roadway.

I painted the canvas on a chilly day in October. Throughout the afternoon, as the sun passed overhead, the shadows increased and found access through the trees, dappling Conestoga Road with light as well as the buildings that reside upon it.

Collection of Barbara & George Rothacker
(Painting available on request.)

Winter Wonderland

For the past several years, my wife and I have gathered with family, friends and neighbors to transform the rear landscape of our home into a “Winter Wonderland.” Decorating with mostly white lights, we use every electrical circuit available, and try to outdo past performances.

The centerpiece of the “wonderland” is a perfectly shaped pine which when lit with white lights is visible throughout the neighborhood. I have painted the tree many times and from many angles, but after a particularly heavy snowfall in December, 2003, I captured it on canvas from my dining room window, laden down with snow.

My daughter, Noelle, who is my Christmas child (though she was born in September)loves this painting, and hopes it will never sell.

Collection of Noelle & Chuck Jenkins


Kip (George) Craven has owned this '57 Chevy Nomad wagon for more than 30 years. When I began to paint the car and truck series, I asked him if he would leave the Nomad out before the first major snowfall of the season. I arrived at his house about 6:45 a.m. the morning after. It was raining by that time, but there was just the right amount of snow on the car.

Collection of George and Barbara Craven

1940 Buick

"It was the first snowfall of the 2006 season - early December - and I had just learned of Bruce MacKenzie's Buick 4-door Phaeton the day before from my friend Bill Martindale. Bruce called me the morning of the snowfall, and I asked if I wanted to paint his car in the snow. I said I'd be there in 20 minutes. It was painted outside the garage/barn he built behind his Radnor home. The car is similar to the car in the final scene of the movie 'Casablanca'."

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce MacKenzie


Set back from the road near the intersection of Grubbs Mill Road near Whitehorse Road, this farm typifies the many properties in the area. Crum Creek borders this farm that features significant
environmental resources such as  floodplains, woodland, and biological diversity.

“During a snowstorm, the landscape turns monochromatic the only distinguishing tonal shifts being that some areas may appear “cool” and others “warm.” My pallet for this painting was oxide, burnt umber, cyan and a touch of ochre along with black and white.”

Collection of Barbara & George Rothacker
(Painting available for purchase.)

North Wayne Victorian

North Wayne is one of the most beautiful residential districts in Pennsylvania. Deep lawns, front porches and ornate trim have been preserved in the Victorians built the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The neighborhoods are threatened by progress and the desire of families for less upkeep, larger living spaces, and brighter living areas.

Collection of Barbara & George Rothacker 
(Painting available for purchase.) 

Snowfall in North Wayne

"Not much snow that winter, but one evening during a lighter snow I got lucky and found this Christmas House before night settled in."

Collection of Pennsylvania Trust Company

Day after the Snowfall

"Much of North Wayne was built in the later part of the 19th century, or early 20th century. Except for the yellow lines in the road and street signs, these three homes could have been painted 100 years ago. Their neutral and similar tones and the greyness of the morning unify the painting helping to create a singular portrait of North Wayne Avenue."

Collection of Pennsylvania Trust Company, Radnor

Wayne in Winter

"Reflections always enhance a painting. And snow, wet roads, and street lights at dusk evoke memories of youth. Wayne Presbyterian Church was the perfect backdrop for this rainy winter evening."

Collection of Pennsylvania Trust Company, Radnor

'41 La Salle

"My friend, Paul, discovered this sad La Salle on West Chester Pike in Broomall. Prior to our February snowfall, I sought it out, and Paul and I returned after the snow had fallen and driving was less difficult.

The snow was deep, but the lot powed where the car sat. I had fortunately brought a leaf blower, and needed it since the car was completely covered. I carefully shaped the front end to reveal the distinctive grill work and headlights.

Though the car sits "For Sale" on a busy street, the style of building and the tree make the scene appear rather rural."

Collection of Barbara & George Rothacker
(Painting available on request.)

A Winter's Tale

"My daughter, Abigail, found this wonderful farm on a snowy afternoon in early 2009. The brightness and clarity of the day, the rich shadows and pristine snow, and the beauty of the patterns pushed through from vegetation in the fields compounded the effect of a perfect winter landscape."

Collection of Pennsylvania Trust Company, Radnor

Frozen Over

During summer, many of the homes and farms of Willistown are hidden by foliage. During the winter months the landscapes unfold showing the beautiful fields, houses, barns and outbuildings that make up these premiere properties.

“It had snowed a few days before and much of it had melted, but the creek that ran through this farm on Grubbs Mill Road was frozen hard and had retained the snow creating a graphic that defined the landscape. I love the winter trees, barren and structured, and the views visible through them.”

Collection of Pennsylvania Trust Company, Radnor

Willistown Winter

Through the Willistown Conservation Trust, open land, rural character, scenic, historic and ecologically significant resources of the area and nearby communities have been and are being preserved by working with landowners to provide options in planning for the future of their properties.

“After my gallery show on cars in 2006, I was invited to join the Board of the Radnor Concours d’Elegance.” During the year I served, I travelled through the Willistown area
on a frequent basis, and got to view the landscapes of the area and the estates and farms contained within. I enjoy painting winter landscapes, and there are few more
beautiful areas to enjoy the beauty of winter than this area which spans from Newtown Square to Paoli and Malvern.”

Coleection of Pennsylvanis Trust Company, Radnor

Crum Creek, Willistown

Crum Creek, which means “crooked creek” in Dutch flows 24 miles from the Schuylkill/Delaware drainage ridgeline through Chester and Delaware Counties to its confluence wit the Delaware River in Eddystone, Delaware County. The most important aspect of the 38 mile Crum Creek Watershed is that it supplies drinking water for more than 200,000 Delaware County residents. This important resource is being threatened by large scale development.

“This section of Crum Creek runs through Willistown Township and intersects with Grub Mill Road at Whitehorse Road. Painting it in winter, I was able to conrast the snow with the earthy colors of the folliage and the barren trees that frame the rocks and frozen water.”

Collection of Megan & Rick Sarthou

The Christmas House

Oak Lane intersects Eagle Road and Beechtree Lane in North Wayne. The original model of this house was the "Gabled Inn" and sold for $5500 when new. It was the lowest priced of the six models offered by the builders, Wendell & Smith.

"We have experienced few snowfalls in Radnor in the past few years, but one evening after Christmas, I found this beauty decked out with wreaths and candles in the windows a, and sags on the fence that surrounds the house. I added a few more wreaths to the setting and a bit more snow to make this my most "holiday" of paintings"

Collection of Barbara & George Rothacker 
(Painting available on request.)

Water Wheel in Winter

"No water flows over the wheel on this cold winter day. The fall is frozen and the stream black. My wife thinks the "Three Little Pigs" should be dancing around the structure."

Collection of Eastern University's George Rothacker Gallery